Karin Eckstein - Bandoneon

Karin Eckstein is one of the few bandoneon players who play the 142 tone bandoneon, the authentic instrument used to play the Argentinian Tango.

After studying music (piano and organ) she studied the bandoneon with Peter Reil (Berlin).

She subsequently undertook six years of studies at the conservatory of Gennevilliers / Paris with one of the world's most famous bandoneon-players, Juan José Mosalini. In 2003 she passed her examination with distinction.

Her wide repertoire covers traditional Argentinian tango, Tango Nuevo and contemporary music as well as jazz. Her studies in Paris have enabled her to present the major works written for bandoneon solo.

Various journeys to Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina and Uruguay have brought her into contact with legendary bandoneon-players and the roots of Argentinian music. She is a member of various tango groups and performs regularly in concerts and milongas, amongst others with guests from Argentina and Uruguay (see Ensembles).

She performs as bandoneon soloist in famous works such as Piazzolla's "Aconcagua – concerto for bandoneon and orchestra" and "Misa a Buenos Aires – Misa Tango" by Martín Palmeri.

At the "Staatstheater Wiesbaden" she performed as the bandoneon soloist in Piazzolla's "Maria de Buenos Aires" for several years. She also interpreted the soundtrack for the film "Tango del aire" starring Monica Bleibtreu and has taken part in various TV-productions.



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