She is a member of various ensembles performing tango, contemporary music and jazz.



Tango Sí!

- Bandoneon: Karin Eckstein
- Violine: Christiane Holzenbecher
- Gitarre: Israel Vázquez Zerecero
- Klavier: Sarah Umiger
- Kontrabass: Wini Holzenkamp / Florian Bony / Marc Schönfeld

This ensemble performs Piazzolla's tangos in the original instrumentation as well as works of contemporary Argentinian composers and traditional Argentinian tangos.




Further information: www.tangosi.de


Tango and Jazz


- Piano: Bill Bergelt
- Bandoneon: Karin Eckstein

The ensemble has created an individual style with a blend of elements from Jazz, Tango and compositions inspired by traditions from folklore. This includes pieces by Béla Bartók and Maurice Ravel. Furthermore the musicians present themselves as skilled soloists on their instruments.






- Percussion: Gerd Vierkötter
- Piano: Michael Quast
- Double bass: Torsten Steudinger
- Bandoneon: Karin Eckstein

PARADIGMA presents compositions by the percussionist Gerd Vierkötter, which combine elements of Tango Nuevo, classical music and jazz.



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